Wednesday , 22 November 2017

RADIO SHOW – New York Yankee great Bucky Dent talks Fishing

New York Yankee great Bucky Dent talks Fishing

PointClickFish is excited to welcome former New York Yankees star shortstop and 1978 World Series MVP Bucky Dent.  Best known for one of the most exciting Home Runs in baseball history, Bucky Dent shares his current favorite past time, fishing. Join brothers Jay and Price when they dive into some great fishing stories from Bucky and learn more about his passion for fishing ... Read More »

Coast Guard’s Gift Ideas For 12 Nautical Days Of Christmas

The U.S. Coast Guard, as a public service to holiday gift shoppers, announced Friday its recommended gift ideas for 12 nautical days of Christmas. The singularly most important gift for mariners this year is a Marine GPS Navigation System. With the intended termination of Loran-C signals set for as early as Jan. 4, 2010, marine GPS units will be a necessity ... Read More »

Two NC State Record Catches – Cubera Snapper – Rainbow Runner

Two NC State Record Catches Approved During November By Capt. Jerry Dilsaver             The North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries recently announced that a pair of fish caught during September had been approved as N.C. state records.  One of these catches, a 23.5 pound rainbow runner, is the first state record for the species, while the other, a 58 pound ... Read More »

Is it TRUE? – A 100% Waterproof Drone Made For Fishermen – The AguaDrone

Have you been looking for a drone that is 100% waterproof and doesn’t quit working when it accidentally lands in water? Well, look no further. The father-son team at AquaDrone has been hard at work with their team to build the ultimate fishing drone. The AguaDrone is equipped with a sonar fish finder, bait drop, line casting pod, camera pod, and more! It was designed ... Read More »

Optimal Use Of Polarized Sunglasses While Sight Casting For Schools of Redfish – Learn From The Pro’s

Lee Padrick and I prefer to sight fish for redfish on the flats and along the marshes of North Carolina. This style of fishing makes it imperative that we use quality polarized sunglasses to cut the sun’s glare off the water’s surface. By reducing the glare, the probability of finding schools of redfish increases exponentially.  Furthermore, our sunglasses must be ... Read More »

November NC Tournaments Feature Inshore – Surf Tournaments and Kingfish Championships

November NC Tournaments Feature Inshore, Surf Tournaments and Kingfish Championships By Capt. Jerry Dilsaver             North Carolina saltwater fishermen have enjoyed a productive year, even with Hurricane Matthew sweeping up the coast and dumping a deluge of rain on inland, N.C.  The damage from the storm was bad enough along the coast, but was devastating  to the inland areas along ... Read More »

Tips for the SKA Championship in Fort Pierce – Tips from the Pros

Tips for the SKA Championship in Fort Pierce By Capt. Jerry Dilsaver             There have been several articles and videos of successful fishermen offering tips for catching big fish during the SKA Championship in Fort Pierce, Florida on November 11 and 12.  All offer good advice and fishermen heading to this area for the first time should consider anything that ... Read More »

Smoking Carolina Fall Kings – Liquid Fire Fishing Team

Smoking Carolina Fall Kings By Jerry Dilsaver             Fall is here and many fishermen have turned their focus to the big kings that roam the Carolina Coast each fall.  Suddenly those 30 pounders that were exceptional fish during the summer are just other fish in your catch and the interest begins with 40 pounders.  Still, everyone knows there are some ... Read More »

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